Benjamin DeShazo-Couchot
Lyric Baritone
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Benjamin is a 25 year-old classically trained vocalist. He received his B.A. in Music (Liberal Arts Music) from Sonoma State University. Benjamin teaches Music at Saint Edward School, Newark. He also serves as Principal Baritone at St. Edward parish, Conductor of the St. Edward School Choir​​​, and is a professional volunteer chorister with the Berkeley-based Pacific Mozart Ensemble. Benjamin is currently studying at St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana to receive his Master of Arts in Music, with a concentration in Church Music and Liturgy, and an emphasis in Conducting. He resides in North Oakland during the academic year. To learn more about Benjamin, please visit his professional Biography.          

Benjamin offers Voice Lessons to prospective students of all ages from his studio at Music Works in El Cerrito. Whether you need some extra sectional time outside of choir practice, you're looking to develop your voice as a soloist, or you just like to sing for fun and want to get better at it, Benjamin will work with you to develop your potential. Classical training is for everyone, not just for opera singers! No, seriously!

Benjamin also tutors and coaches in:

Music Theory - Beginning/Intermediate
Strings - Beginning/Intermediate

Looking for lessons or for a professional singer at your event (memorial service, Baptism, wedding, or other special occasion)? Contact Benjamin via email with your musical needs and he'll respond promptly.